Erik Axel Eggeling

Crafting multimedia system design in artistic contexts

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Erik is a creative technologist whose work centers on the craft of multimedia system design and programming within artistic contexts. I am interested in learning from the past to (re-)create the future, finding the balance between technological minimalism and cutting edge technology to achieve maximum expression as intuitively as possible.

For the last five years, I have lived in Basel and worked at iart, a studio known for its pioneering work in media architectures. Starting from September 2024, I will be based in Seville in Spain and will be available for remote or on site freelance work.

Technically, I am specialized in multimedia programming within the TouchDesigner framework, an node-based visual programming environment with a tight Python integration. Furthermore, I have a broad experience with a wide range of technologies which makes me confident that I can take on projects at any level of ambition.

I am excited to work with artists, agencies, studios, and institutions to develop and maintain innovative, technology-enhanced art projects, from the initial concept to execution and long-term operation.

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